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Remember Our Sick

We are trying to keep our Sick List as current as possible. If someone's name does not appear and should be listed, or to include the name of your Sick please contact the Rectory Office at (203) 866-5546. The Sick List will be cleared every two months to maintain current.
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The Meaning of Vestments

People often wonder why a priest wears vestments at the Mass. The short answer is that this is how he clothes his own self and becomes “just” a priest of Jesus Christ. Mass vestments, like all church vestments, are meant to point away from the person who is wearing them to what that person is…
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Conference and Mass with Bishop Schneider

We are happy to announce that the Society of St Hugh of Cluny and St. Mary’s parish, Norwalk, Connecticut are sponsoring a conference and Mass on Thursday, October 19 at St Mary’s Church with Bishop Athanasius Schneider. The conference and Mass commemorate the tenth anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. The schedule will be as follows: 5:30 PM.…
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Music for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, 22 October 2017

Music for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
(Missale Romanum of 1962, 9:30 a.m.)
Prelude: Prélude (en fa mineur) (Op. 7, No. 2) (Marcel Dupré, 1886-1971)
Hymn at the Procession: Let All the World in Every Corner Sing (Universal Praise)
Missa L’homme armé (Francisco Guerrero, 1528-1599)
Gregorian Mass of the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost: Omnia quae fecisti
Motet at the Offertory: Super flumina Babylonis (Orlande de Lassus, c.1532-1594)
Motet at the Communion: Oculi omnium (prima pars) (Heinrich Schütz, 1585-1672)
Postlude: Douzième Concerto (en Si bémol): Pomposo, Allegro maestoso (George Frideric Handel, arr. Dupré)

Music for the Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year
(Missale Romanum of 2002, 11:30 a.m.)
Hymn at the Procession: Word of God, Come Down on Earth (Liebster Jesu)
Introit: Ego clamavi (plainsong, mode iii)
Missa cum jubilo (Vatican Gradual, Mass IX)
Gradual: Salvum fac populum tuum (plainsong, mode vii)
Alleluia: Lauda anima mea (plainsong, mode viii)
Offertory: Meditabor (plainsong, mode ii)
Motet at the Offertory: Ave maris stella (Edward Elgar, 1857-1934)
Communion: Domine Dominus noster (plainsong, mode ii)
Hymn at the Communion: If Ye Love Me (Thomas Tallis, c.1505-1585)
Marian antiphon: Salve Regina (plainsong, mode v)
Organ music as above

Music for a Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament, 19 October 2017

schneiderThursday, 19 October 2017, 7:30 p.m.
Pontifical Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament
(Missale Romanum of 1962)

His Excellency Athanasisus Schneider, celebrant
Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan
Prelude: Improvisation
At reception of the bishop: Ecce sacerdos magnus (Hans Leo Hassler, 1564-1612)
At the vesting: Versets on Verbum supernum (Nicolas de Grigny, 1672-1703)
Coronation Mass (Mass in C Major, K. 317) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791)
Gregorian Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament: Cibavit eos
Qui manducat meam carnem (David Hughes, b.1980)
O sacrum convivium (Olivier Messiaen, 1908-1992)
Ave verum corpus (Mozart)
Postlude: Prelude in C Major (9/8) (BWV 547/1) (Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750)

This Mass, and the bishop of Bishop Schneider to Connecticut,
are consponsored by St. Mary's and the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny.