Donations / Online Giving

Our online giving system can receive your contributions and donations securely over the Internet.  You can either set up a recurring payment or give on a one-time basis.

Give OnlineClick here to access the Online Giving platform.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.

We are very happy that we now have online giving on our parish website. Most parishioners make their regular contributions to the parish by envelopes only 38 times out of 52 in the year. There are many reasons for this: vacations, business trips, illness, snowstorms. With Online Giving you can make sure that the parish will receive your offertory pledge each week even when for good reason you are not at Mass at St. Mary’s on the weekend. It is so important for the parish to have a steady and uninterrupted cash flow to enable us to meet our many financial obligations, all of which are a necessary part of our parish life and which enable us to be a special parish with a special mission to the Church and to the world.