Book Review: Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids

Don't Let the Culture Raise Your KidsSt. Mary’s parishioner Marcia Segelstein has written a book entitled Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids. (The book is published by Our Sunday Visitor and will be available soon in the St. Mary’s Bookstore).

Quoting the biography on the book’s cover, “Marcia Segelstein has covered family issues for more than twenty-five years as a producer for CBS News and as a columnist. She has written for Fox, First Things, WORLD Magazine, and Touchstone, and is a senior editor for Salvo magazine. Marcia is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She and her husband have two “twenty-something” children”.

This book is designed as a guide for parents to help them protect their children from many of the problems which plague our modern culture. The six short chapters cover the critical role of parents as authority figures, schools, media (especially cellphones and television), sex, pornography, and consumerism. Each chapter includes a frank discussion of the problem (with supporting data) and concludes with a section entitled “Solutions, Tips, and Tools”. An appendix lists resources to help parents further educate themselves about the issues covered in the book, as well as copious footnotes citing the sources of the information contained in it.

Parents will find this book a helpful, simple, and straightforward guide to raising their children to live in the context of our modern culture without being poisoned or destroyed by it. A bonus is that it is written from a completely orthodox Catholic point of view. I highly recommend it and thank Marcia for having written it.

Father Ringley

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