Fourth Sunday after Easter

We think of ourselves as members of Saint Mary’s parish church, and we love our parish that is so unique in so many ways. But as I have said many times, we are also all members of the larger family that is the Diocese, and that Bishop Frank Caggiano is our Father in God and the representative of Christ to us: “Where there is the bishop, there is the Church, there is Christ.”

The Annual Catholic Appeal raises money for the many good works that the Diocese sponsors. You can read about this in detail in the brochures about the Appeal that are scattered about in the church. But one of the most important works of the Diocese is the training of men who want to become priests at St. John Fisher Seminary. Our friend, Father Paul Check, a priest here at St. Mary’s for several years, is the Rector of the Seminary and is a true model for the young men who are in his care. If you wish to earmark your contribution to the Annual Appeal to St John Fisher you may do so. Just make sure that you indicate this when you pledge. We want to make our goal very soon. Please make your pledge before May 1 and be generous.

On another note. When we started the daily Low Mass last September, I decided to say the readings in English. I have been thinking and praying about this. I am now of the mind that it would more respect the integrity of the Traditional Mass if the readings were in Latin, as the rite assumes. The great majority of our people have Missals which have full translations of all the parts of the Mass. And I have always recommended that you read the prayers and readings at Mass beforecoming to Mass, so that you can really pray the Mass instead of reading along as the Mass proceeds. I would be happy to speak about this with anyone who wishes to do so. We are so blessed to have the Traditional Mass every day at St. Mary’s. Let us do everything we can to encourage prayerful participation in the Mass, whether it is a spoken Low Mass, a Missa Cantata, or the Solemn Mass. Ad majorem Dei Gloria.

Father Richard Gennaro CipollaPastor

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