Youth Group Fundraiser Sunday Oct. 15

Youth Group Fundraiser: Grupo de Jóvenes de Santa Maria
Actividad para Recaudar Fondos:
St. Mary's Youth Group will be having a fundraising event on Sunday, October 15th, starting at 1:00pm until 4:00pm. We will be selling hot dogs, chilidogs, and hamburgers, along with a bag of potato chips and a drink for $5.00. The money raised will go towards the food and snacks that we need to purchase for all of the youth group members throughout the year. Please come and support the youth of St. Mary's Parish. El Grupo de Jóvenes de Santa María estará vendiendo hamburguesas, hot dogs, y chilidogs el día domingo 15 de octubre de 1 a 4 de la tarde en el gimnasio de la Escuela de Religión. Por solo $5 usted podrá saborear una deliciosa hamburguesa o un hot dog o un chilidog con papalinas y refresco. ¡Venga y colabore con nuestros jóvenes! ¡Les esperamos!

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