Movie Night Aug. 28 with St. Monica’s Sodality

To celebrate the Feast Day, St. Monica Sodality invites you to watch the movie “Restless Heart” on Monday, August 28, 2017 at 7:30pm in the School Building.

When her son Augustine went astray in faith and manners, St. Monica's prayers and tears were incessant. She was once very urgent with a learned bishop that he would talk to her son in order to bring him to a better mind. On witnessing her prayers and tears, he bade her be of good courage; for it might not be that “the child of those tears should perish.”

By going to Italy, Augustine could for a time free himself from his mother’s importunities; but he could not escape from her prayers, which encompassed him like the providence of God. She followed him to Italy, and there by his marvelous conversion her sorrow was turned into joy.

It is impossible to set any bounds to what persevering prayer may do. It gives man a share in the Divine Omnipotence. St. Augustine’s soul lay bound in the chains of heresy and impurity, both of which had by long habit grown very strong. His mother’s prayers broke them. Let us keep on praying for those we love!

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