Las Posadas Navideñas: Dec. 15-23

Please come to our first Posada in the chapel of St. Mary, on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 5 p.m. for prayers and then refreshments in the hall.

Familias y sus respectivas direcciones para las Posadas de Diciembre, 2018

-Sábado 15: Patrocinadas por las Franciscanas de María en la capilla de Saint Marys. **5:00 PM. Después de la Santa Misa de 4pm. Refrigerio en el gimnasio después de las oraciones.

-Domingo 16: Gabriel Torres y Miriam Espinoza, 7:00 PM. (203)807-9302

-Lunes 17: Narciso y Gabina Pedraza, 7:00 PM. (203)554-3376

-Martes 18: Martin y Rocío Reyes, 7:00 PM. (203)919-2123

-Miércoles 19: Maritza García, 7:00 PM. (203)945-6867

-Jueves 20: Alfredo y Consuelo Perales, 7:00 PM. (203)644-6552

-Viernes 21: Paul y Alexandra McLaughlin, 7:00 PM. (203)858-5025.

-Sábado 22: Enrique y Emma Higareda, (203)515-6789 **8:15 PM. Después de misa de 7:00 PM.

-Domingo 23: Gimnasio de IGLESIA SANTA MARÍA **3:30 PM. Después de la Santa Misa de la 1:15.

**Notar que hay 3 fechas con horarios diferentes, las demás serán siempre a las 7:00 PM.

Las Posadas ("The Inns") Las Posadas Navideñas
Christmas is coming, and with it the traditional Posadas. As in previous years, we will begin on December 15 and end on the 23rd. This year the first Posada will be in our Church, sponsored by the Franciscans of Mary. For more information, please call the Rectory or contact Coordinator Karla Martinez at (203) 820-7698. Ya viene la Navidad y con ella las tradicionales Posadas. Como en años anteriores, iniciaremos el 15 de Diciembre y terminaremos el 23. Este año la primera Posada será en nuestra Iglesia, patrocinada por las Franciscanas de María. Favor llama a la Rectoría o comunicarse con la coordinadora Karla Martínez si está interesada(o) al teléfono: 203-820-7698

Las Posadas (“The Inns”) is a religious festival celebrated in Mexico, Central America and now parts of the United States between December 15 and 23. Las Posadas commemorates the journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge where Mary could give birth to the baby Jesus. When they were unable to find lodging in Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary were forced to seek shelter in a stable, where the Christ Child was born.

Each evening during the festival, a small child dressed as an angel leads a procession from one home to the next. The procession is primarily made up of children dressed in silver and gold robes carrying lit candles and images of Mary and Joseph riding a donkey.

The first and last Posada will take place here at Saint Mary’s. For the other 7 days, parishioners volunteer their home for the celebration.

An essential part of Las Posadas is piñatas for the children on the last day. One piñata is usually in the shape of a star to represent the one that guided the three kings on that night. Another piñata has seven points symbolizing the seven deadly sins: envy, sloth, gluttony, greed, lust, anger/wrath, and pride. The ten-pointed piñata symbolizes the sins that come from breaking the Ten Commandments. The stick, which is used to break the piñata, represents and symbolizes love. It is suppose to destroy the sins by hitting and breaking the piñata into pieces. The candies and treats that come pouring out from the broken piñata symbolize the forgiveness of sins and a new beginning. Before attempting to hit the piñata, the person must cover his (her) eyes, symbolically to protect himself from being enticed by the piñata. After hitting the piñata, the person must make a resolution or resolutions. Resolutions can include: doing good deeds, become a better person, be kinder, get along with others, be more patient, etc.

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