Music for Solemn Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate: The Feast of the Epiphany, 5 January 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014, 9:30 a.m.
Music for the Feast of the Epiphany
Solemn Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate
His Excellency Frank J. Caggiano
Bishop of Bridgeport
Prelude: Aequale No. 2 (Anton Bruckner, 1824-1896)
Motet at the procession: Ecce sacerdos magnus (Bruckner)
Prelude: Versets on A solis ortus cardine: En taille (Nicolas de Grigny, 1672-1703)
Cantus Missæ for double choir (Op. 109) (Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, 1839-1901)
Gregorian Mass of the Epiphany: Ecce advenit
Motet at the Offertory: Videntes stellam (Orlando di Lasso, c.1532-1594)
Motet at the Communion: Magi veniunt (Jacobus Clemens non Papa, c.1510-1556)
Motet at the Communion: Surge, illuminare, Jerusalem (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, c.1525-1594)
Motet at the Blessing of the Altarpiece: Cantemus Domino (Laudemus nunc Dominum, secunda pars) (Jacob Obrecht, c.1458-1505)
Postlude: Final from Symphony No. 1 (Louis Vierne, 1870-1937)

The St. Mary’s Schola Cantorum
The St. Mary’s Choir
The St. Mary’s Student Schola

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