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Survey: Saturday Evening Masses

  Dear Parishioners: Having been here for five months I have observed that the Saturday Evening Vigil Masses (4:00 PM English and 7:00 PM Spanish) are not well attended. Furthermore, they tend to bring in around $400.00 each, oftentimes less. Given the expenses incurred by offering these two Masses on Saturday evening (music, utilities, liturgical…
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Learn Your Faith: The “O” Antiphons

The Church’s “other” liturgy, the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH), also known as the “Breviary” or the “Divine Office” consists of hymns, psalms, and short readings from the Scriptures, and is prayed daily by priests and religious. Until recently the LOH was always prayed in Latin, and although the prayer is now much more accessible…
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Las Posadas Navideñas: Dec. 15-23

LAS POSADAS NAVIDEÑAS Familias y sus respectivas direcciones para las Posadas de Diciembre, 2018 -Sábado 15: Patrocinadas por las Franciscanas de María en la capilla de Saint Marys. **5:00 PM. Después de la Santa Misa de 4pm. Refrigerio en el gimnasio después de las oraciones. -Domingo 16: Gabriel Torres y Miriam Espinoza, 7:00 PM. (203)807-9302…
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Learn Your Faith: Our Lady of Guadalupe

On March, 4th, 1519 the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes landed at Veracruz in what is now known as Mexico. The indigenous people had been enslaved by the Aztecs whose religion included wholesale human sacrifice. The Aztecs were expecting the return of their god Quetzalcoatl and mistook Cortes for their god. With this misunderstanding and the…
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