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Sign Up for Online Giving

Please visit the Online Giving page to read about the various ways of setting up an account to enable you to use Online Giving. You will see that there is also an easy way to give a one-time gift to the parish when the Spirit moves you. We sincerely hope that Online Giving will be…
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Learn Your Faith: Why Go To Mass?

The question I most enjoy asking any Catholic is, “Why do Catholics go to Mass?” I love this question because I can be almost certain of the answer I’ll receive, and that answer gives me the chance to talk about my favorite subject... The Mass! Go ahead, test yourself. In one brief sentence answer the…
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Notes from Fr. Ringley

Please pick up your raffle tickets at the front of the church. It’ll save us postage costs! This weekend we welcome Fr. Paul Check, rector of the St. John Fisher Seminary Residence, who will offer the 9:30 Mass. He and some seminarians from the Fisher House will join us for the coffee hour after Mass.…
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Learn Your Faith: Names for the Mass

This week we will attempt to disperse the clouds of Mass Confusion swirling around the variety of names for the Mass. The Mass has been known by many names throughout history. The word “Mass” probably comes from the words used at the dismissal, “The Mass is ended, go in peace”. The Latin words are “Ite,…
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