Rev. Father Richard Cipolla

Father Cipolla

It is a great honor, privilege and a source of great happiness for me to be the Pastor of St Mary's Parish. Before becoming Pastor I was a parochial vicar at St. Mary's for almost eight years and was privileged to be a part, under the guidance of Fr. Markey, our former Pastor, of the restoration of the liturgical life of the parish and the restoration of the beauty of the church building itself. To be Pastor of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, inner city parish is not easy work, but for me it is truly a labor of love and a source of Christian joy. The heart and soul of this parish is the worship of God in Spirit and in Truth, in the Beauty of Holiness. It is at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that one encounters the living God in a full albeit hidden way. The whole staff of the parish, including our Deacon, Steve Genovese, and each of our families understand that why we exist is to provide a place worthy of the celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass and to put the Love that is at the heart of that Sacrifice to work in our own lives wherever we are and spread the Good News of the Gospel. The Traditional Form of the Roman Rite lies at the very heart at the parish, and its beauty spills over to all Masses celebrated here, whether in English or in Spanish. Those of you who are traveling to this part of the country, please come and visit St. Mary's. You will always be welcomed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Richard Gennaro Cipolla

From the Pastor's Desk
  • Pentecost Sunday
    Our Bible Study group this year studied Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans. When we finished this study of this truly seminal text, we decided to read the first 9 chapters of The Confessions of Saint Augustine. I suggested this because this book has meant so much to me personally, and also because I taught this book in Latin when Continue Reading
  • A May Potpourri
    May is Mary’s month, and we shall have the traditional Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Solemn Mass today, which also happens to be the secular observation of Mother’s Day. A good fit of sacred and secular. That this lovely tradition survived the post-Vatican II “cleansing” is a minor miracle and shows the deep roots of the many Continue Reading
  • First Holy Communions
    Last weekend 21 young boys and girls made their First Holy Communion. This weekend at the 11:30 Mass 11 more of our young people will receive the Body of Christ for the first time. This is an important day in the life of these children. To receive our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity into our body, heart and soul Continue Reading
  • Fourth Sunday after Easter
    We think of ourselves as members of Saint Mary’s parish church, and we love our parish that is so unique in so many ways. But as I have said many times, we are also all members of the larger family that is the Diocese, and that Bishop Frank Caggiano is our Father in God and the representative of Christ to Continue Reading
  • The Beauty of Thy Peace
    One of the recent “movements” is the Slow Food Movement. This began as a protest against “fast food”. This protest is not merely against fast food on culinary grounds but also against the whole notion of eating on the run, eating fast. Slow Food takes food seriously and in a sense religiously, recalling, at least for a Catholic, the miracle Continue Reading